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Vivacious of Vivacious Speaks

“If it is going to be done, the citizens must do it”,

    Full of excitement and joy, Vivacious moves through life-giving hope and love. For all of her days on earth, she has been known for her loving, outgoing, and outspoken personality.  She was often scolded for bold statements. As she grew older it was her bodacious truths that shocked others in conversation.  Her thoughts were usually those of others that no one else could bring themselves to say.  She is known for her outstanding lively personality. She goes about life bringing hope in hopeless situations.  

    The most suitable name is Vivacious. Valene “Vivacious” Petit, was born in the intriguing city of New Orleans, LA., to Withlaw Sr. and Bernice Petit. She is the fourth of five children. Her mother died at a young age and she was raised by her single dad and the village. When she was in high school, she did build a strong foundation in the arts by working on the school newspaper, publishing poetry, developing her threat in dance (became a licensed dance instructor), as well as studying acting.  Raised in the Catholic faith with a Catholic education, Vivacious was baptized at the age of 18 and was then ostracized by her family. It was her love and compassion for Jesus and the bible that strengthened her Christian commitment. Since her conversion, many of her family members have converted also. Led by the advice of her father in providing a stable income to survive, nursing school was the decision that she successfully completed and excelled in.  But the passion for the arts continued to burn in her soul. She made the decision to abandon RN school and complete a degree in theatre, concentration in acting was inevitable. After the degree was accomplished, she did write and produce plays, such as: “Gaze Upon the Throne”, “Preparation of the Bride”, and “The Truth About the Cross” to name a few.  The greatest production was the annual festival in Congo Square, New Orleans, LA, “Realize Your Dream” where she and her company lead the city in Worship, feed the hungry, and cared for the homeless. Since the transition to Atlanta, GA in 2002, a great resume’ was created that included the novel, “A Kiss to Keep” by Vivaciousvp.  Currently, she is the producer of Vivacious Speaks, The New American Revolution, TV, and Radio Show, and more.  The show’s mission is to promote the evolution of the conscience of America that will catapult this nation into the democracy it was made to be. She is the founder of Life Classes, Reviving Home, and Community.  

    The second volume of her life began in the fall of 2002 when she relocated to the Atlanta area with the intention of realizing her own dreams. Life was different and unsettling in a place where she knew no one and nothing.  The Foundation that Vivacious’ life provided supplied all that was needed to survive and to thrive. For approximately seven years the church and ministry were where she hid from the viciousness of this new land and disconnected from herself and her dream.  
After walking out of the church and into herself she shook her dreams from her heart and placed them into fruition. On the journey of turning onto the road of self-determination, a long-lasting relationship with Urban Spice Magazine was solidified and she has been a freelance writer since 2012.  The next year’s wave washed her onto the set of  ATL Boss Divaz LatinaZ, produced by Rhonda Kay as a writer and assistant director for two seasons.  While the flames were burning high  the book “A Kiss to Keep” was unleashed to bring healing to herself and many women. During her growth and expansion period, she worked with Saxy Butler, TSB productions with TV and Radio, to include Sex -Ed 102. It was doing that time she met Gail Smiley and was inducted as a Radio Angel and worked with Gail in radio and many productions. She will be featured in a movie soon to be released.
    Involved in the details of life, Vivacious realized that we existed in what was becoming a powerless nation of idealistically free people who were imprisoned by a criminal democratic process. Overwhelmed she too became an active member of the Democratic Party to be a voice of today. Would there be an American for her grandson to grow up?  Vivacious began a grassroots war that she called the “New American Revolution”.  Gathering Americans to turn this nation into an independent people in charge land inside out.  Vivacious Speaks radio first aired July 7, 2014 on WATB, and Vivacious Speaks Television first aired 2 years later joined with Gail Smiley Productions as a Radio Angel and actress.  In 2018, the Revolution added Non-Profit, Tending the Garden by grassroots effort, building our neighborhoods. Of Course, the Revolutionary believes that the church holds the power to bring victory in this revolution. She is an active member of 151-year-old, Wheat Street Baptist Church, pastored by Ralph Wasui Watson, WSBC brings love to Atlanta. 
Vivacious Speaks, catapulting America to the place of true justice, freedom, independence for all. 

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