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Our Mission

Our Mission is to construct a strong positive media portfolio foundation in your area of
expertise and business.  That is the only way to go, a new level.  It is our desire to exceed your goals and aspiration to debut and represent you as a professional.  That is whether new in your genre or seasoned.  Our staff operates in excellence to capture your greatness.


Our Goal

Our Goal is to develop your best side in all that you do, to present you to the your desired
industry and audience.  We take you to your highest potential.


Our Services

Our Services is to help you realize your dream and to develop and bring your dreams and business potential to fruition. We assist in develop resume’ and platforms: resumes, business, resumes, show treatments, monologues, portfolio, develop sizzle reels, and more.


Prayer for the Nation

Father we pray for our nation.  We come humbly before you are asking for forgiveness for the place we have come to as a nation.  We approach You in need of healing and restoration. Help us to know right from wrong and good from evil.  Heal us from all the diseases that plague our nation, our states, our cities, and our homes.  Teach us so that we would have wisdom, knowledge and grace with understanding.  Lord, that we would know You again as, In God we trust! Renew us Lord.  We believe that You will hear from heaven and heal our Land. Amen!


Meet Vivacious

Full of excitement and joy, Vivacious moves through life-giving hope and love.

For all of her days on earth, she has been known for her loving, outgoing, and outspoken personality.  She was often scolded for bold statements. As she grew older it was her bodacious truths that shocked others in conversation.  Her thoughts were usually those of others that no one else could bring themselves to say.  She is known for her outstanding lively personality. She goes about life bringing hope in hopeless situations.  The most suitable name is Vivacious.


Empower You Enterprise

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

Empower Your Enterprise is first-line productions that take your best side to its
perfect light. We present you to the world, in all genres, businesses, and dreams.
We operate as a family joined with passion and compassion, whose products are
produced with excellence. We would like to help you turn your ideas into a stream of income.  We aspire to place you in a place where you can realize your dream and bring your dreams to fruition.

 Our intention is to build independent financial communities.  We would like to help you turn your ideas into a stream of income.  We believe that this is the time to turn the average person into the nation’s wealth, rebuild the middle class, and restore its independence.  We will no longer build billion-dollar estates for others.  Financial independence is freedom.  We will begin by focusing on what we have and what those assets mean not only to us but the potential to change the world. 

 This is a revolution. We must rebuild our world from the inside out. But this revolt will Empower You to have a voice in developing our new normal.  The voice of the people building their world creates unexplainable freedom.  We are as valuable to others as the problems that we solve for them.  Often what we produce to solve our own problems is the answer to many other issues. Come and be a part of this family that is building our families, our communities, our country, and our world!

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Our Sponsors & Donors 

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